Resource Gems

  • Cutting a wide swath, this site provides a wealth of information about inclusion history, planning, resources, books and workshops offered by recognized leaders in the field.

  • The tagline aptly reads “A community for families with vision.” Diverse, stimulating podcasts and insightful, engaging blogs promote learning, understanding and support for families.

  • Using a national lens, this site provides in-depth valuable information. It raises awareness, spearheads initiatives, challenges, advocates, informs and shares insights.

  • Focused on disability rights and adopting a no nonsense, sometimes humorous approach, this website offers valuable videos and resources, rooted in lived experience with disability.

  • With the tagline “Awakening the power of families and neighborhoods” this site delves into broad societal issues and connectedness. Videos, podcasts, books and more await.

  • Diagnosis specific, this site offers extensive information about resources, referrals, medical considerations and support for families of individuals with Williams Syndrome, across all ages.

Posted Apr’21