Professional Testimonials

Government of Alberta 2009 retirement comments (Seniors and Community Supports colleagues)

Above everything else, though, what stands out for me is the strong value base that Susan brings to everything she does. No matter what the topic, Susan is grounded in what matters most- it’s all about the people. So, creativity, caring, strength, focus, love, values. That sums up Susan for me.”

Jim Menzies, Director of Monitoring, Finance and Information Management, PDD Program Branch

To me it was the lived experience that gave Susan the knowledge and ability to really listen to other parents and people with disability on what was important in their lives and how this could be translated into policy. You can see this integrated approach in the connect of the Community Inclusion Framework in many places…clearly in the Principles for Determining Individual Support Needs and the program and funding principles.”

Maureen Murphy-Black, Director of Program Development and Innovation, PDD Program Branch

At work, the lack of pretense and the openness Susan displayed was striking and endearing. But beyond all that, she has a passion for the people the program serves that is really extraordinary. She completely punctures the stereotype of the civil servant as an uncaring, rule-bound functionary.”

Glen Hughes, Senior Business Planner, Corporate Planning, Policy and Research

Susan understood real community inclusion and connections long before it became a buzz word. Susan has always found innovative, kind and human answers to issues that faced her in her personal and professional life and I know retirement will only allow her more avenues to put those wonderful skills to use.”

Yvonne Collinson, Senior Manager, Community Partnership Framework Development

Community Services Staff Training Presentation, 2010

“…To hear so directly and clearly from a parent about the frustrations, heartaches and joy with which one all too often faced when working with bureaucracies and organizations less open to fully embracing a young person with disabilities was impactful. It allowed the audience to consider how they themselves would feel in a similar situation, and reflect on how we as staff may also be perceived by parent who are feeling vulnerable.”

Lynn Groves Hautman, President/CEO, Chrysalis: An Alberta Society For Citizens With Disabilities

Awards and Recognition

Communitas Award

Recognizes Community Leadership

Gateway Association, Edmonton, Aberta (2020)

1998 Premier’s Award of Excellence (Alberta)